Provide a quality Christian Education for children who attend one of their five Lutheran Elementary schools:

  • Provide tuition sponsorships for children who could not otherwise attend school.
  • Insure and strengthen stable, quality, Christian teaching staffs through consistent funding for salaries and ongoing education.
  • Enhance the learning environment of these 5 schools through improvements to curriculum and facilities.

The five schools are located in:

(Above) Upper classes taking final exams at Madeleine.
(Below) Dondon

We had a wonderful service with the parents, members of the Church and children of the our school at Madeline.  Kids from the third grade of preschool and sixth graders have been graduated. Everyone was really happy. It was a way to end the school year 2013-2014.


We thank you and all the saints of Holy Cross for your assistance and pray that our Lord continue to bless you as you are getting more and more involved in His ministry here. 

Around September 9, 2013, uniforms were distributed to parents for their children at Madeline, Dondon, Saint-Raphael, and Grande Riviere du Nord for free. A lot of parents and children came. But we did not have enough to give them. I submit pictures of Madeline for your attention.